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Well folks , the season has started for us here in the Mentawais . Our first charter was on Kaimana Royal (aka Kaimana II) with a group of longtime friends from the Sunshine Coast in QLD Australia , plus 1 “ring in” to fill the boat , a good friend of mine Ryan .

The swell and weather didn’t always cooperate but we managed to score a few epic sessions none the less , starting at The Playgrounds with some great sessions at Burgerworld , Bankvaults , and Nipussi , before making our way south to Thunders , via HT’s for a fun day on the way down. The great part was we were often the only charter boat in our area !

The caliber of surfing was great and the froth levels were high , especially when they chose to have a few Bintangs and practice some pole dancing ! The lads were also smart enough to bring a “beer bong” with them , and kind enough to leave it on the boat for future guests , happy days ahead !

I’d like to personally thank these guys again for being such a great group and making my great job that little bit easier. They took everything in their stride and their motivation and enthusiasm was always high, even with the odd hangover!

Kaimana is currently in the Menatawais with a group of old mates from Cronulla and my good friend Tim Geyer aka Bootsy  guiding them through the islands , I’m sure they will already be having an epic time and two of them look like jumping ship straight onto Kaimana II when we meet them on our 1st day , which is their last ! Apologies in advance to any disgruntled wives or girlfriends …..i’m not naming the 2 guys in case I get in trouble !

That’s all for now , looks like the next charter is gonna get some great waves and good consistency also. For bookings email me at charters@mentawaijoy.com or hit me up on the Menatwai Joy Facebook page .


Twiggy Van Ryan